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Quality Ingredients, Designs, and Services For your Cake order and more!

Quality Ingredients

Tasty Habits Best Quality ingredeints Go into our Cakes Cupckaes Chocolates and other products

At Tasty Habits we only use top quality ingredients. Our basic ingredients such as flour, milk, sugar, vanilla beans, eggs, etc. are picked from top quality brands to make sure our clients will not have any disappointments when it comes to product tasting experience.


We also use top quality Belgian or French Chocolates that vary from Dark Chocolate, Milk Chocolate, or white chocolate. Even among these types we make sure we select the category with the right cocoa and cocoa butter percentages to deliver a unique tasting experience.

Top Service and delivery / Pick up Date Commitment

You order delivery or pick up time is engraved in our production book! We do not like surprising our customers with unexpected delays or last minute delivery / Pick Up Changes. This is why we do our best to make sure we have enough time to make your order without compromising on quality. As a result we accept only limited number of customer orders to make sure we can meet their expectations and fulfill orders on time.


Custom Designs

Whether it is a custom cake design, a cupcake topper, or a unique cake topper we make sure that our design meet our client's dream product. We go through several rounds of communications via email, phone calls, or personal appointment as necessary to make sure our final design will be spot on to what our client is looking for; However we also try not to over-communicate and use too much of our client's time. We like to keep our communications to the point and only when needed. Check out some of our cake designs here




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