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Knowing what is needed to have a successful custom cake order is important before ordering. This is why we recommend reading through this article before initiating an order but you can also jump to online 'Request for a Price Quotation' directly.


Cake sizes and portions

We believe in a good size portion. However cake slicing charts are different from one vendor to another. You can request custom size slices and we will provide a quotation based on your requirements.

Cake shapes also affect the expected number of portions per cake. For example Wilton has their guides for cutting different cake shapes (Wedding Cakes), (Party Cakes).


Wedding cake portions are usually cut  in 1 inch X 2 Inches slices. This is the least reasonable size for a portion for one person (assuming that guests will also be having other types of food as part of the wedding buffet).

Party cake portions are usually cut in 1.5 inches X 2 inches slices. These are just standard guides to help customers understand the expected number of portions per a certain cake size and shape.

The table below is a general guide for deciding which cake size is suitable for your wedding or party based on expected number of slices. Bear in mind that if you decide to have a bigger portion per guest you may need to go to the bigger size (Source:


 Cake Chart for Weddings or Parties

Please remember that it is up to you to decide how big a portion will be. These charts and guides are mainly used as a source of recommendation and for cake pricing purpose. Our prices per portion can range from $4 to $20 depending on many factors such as cake type, tier hight, cake filling, cake covering, cake toppers, number of tiers, design complexity, and some other factors. This is why it is important to make sure we understand your requirements clearly before giving you a price quotation.

Online Quotation Form

Our Online Request for a Quotation Form can help you communicate your requirements to Tasty Habits. We will study your requirements, get back to you if any more details are needed, and then we will send you a price quotation.

Early Ordering

It is recommended that you book your order as early as possible as late orders may not have a time slot available on our production schedule as it gets filled with customer orders relatively quickly. We may also have to charge late orders for some additional fees as we may need to hire additional resources / workers to work on late / pop up orders. 

Ordering Online (pre-designed cakes)

You can also get a better idea about cake prices from our pre-designed cakes that are available for direct online orders here. These cakes come as designed but you can ask for different sizes, colors, or cake type/ filling.

Get in Touch

Please remember to fill out the online form here. You can also call by phone (1-800-385-1423) or email your requirements to: However we recommend filling the online form as these are the questions that we will ask anyway to collect the information necessary to prepare you price quotation. After that we can get in touch by phone, email, or set a personal appointment to discuss any further details about your project.


Ordering Steps

In conclusion, here are the recommended steps to initiate your custom order:

1- Browse cake designs online or in magazines or from other sources.

2- Collect ideas, pictures, and recommendations about your dream design.

3- At least have an initial idea about your party theme, wedding dress, or any other elements that you may want to link to your cake design.

4- Have at least an initial budget range in mind: Custom cakes can vary in cost (tens of Dollars to thousands of Dollars). We can make you a great cake no matter what budget range you have.

5- Fill our online 'Request for a Quotation' Form. This will enable us to capture your requirements as much as possible. We will ask you the same questions if you contact us by mail, or in person.

6- Tasty Habits sales team will get back to you with any additional questions or clarifications if needed. We keep our communications to the point and we try not to bother you with too many questions as long as it is not needed. We understand that your time is important and we contact you only when we need information to give you the best quotation, quality product and service. We will schedule an appointment for detailed discussions or cake tasting if needed.

7- Tasty Habits will provide you with a price quotation. You can ask for additional elements or changes and we will change the quotation accordingly. We will work with you to come up with an order that fits your budget and fulfils your requirements.

8- You can order additional items that can be served with your cake. We have the best quality Pastries , Candy, Chocolates, Cupcakes, and more. We can make any type of party favor boxes or bags that you may want to give as gifts to your guests. You can also decide if you need to rent any stands, trays, or displays. We will add it to your order.

9- Confirm and pay your order. We can send you a link for online safe payment, or you can drop by for cash payments. Payments are made in full amount one time. Only paid orders will be booked for production. Orders cannot be refunded 15 days before order delivery / pickup date.

10- Tasty Habits will keep you informed about the order progress. Once the order is ready for delivery or pickup, Tasty Habits will ccontact you.


Our promise to you is: Best ingredients, Greatest custom designs, and on time order fulfillment.


Call: 1-800-385-1423


Online Quotation Request Form: Click here



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