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Gifts for all events. Add it to your party gifts or send it to any address.

You can add gift wrapping. Please add it as a note with order.

Note: shipping may take between 7 days to 60 days depending on availability.

Warning: some items may not be suitable for children or may pause a choking hazard.


**If you are claiming a ChocoMiniz Gift Code**

Claim your ChocoMiniz Gift Here

Please follow these steps:

-Select the gift you like from this collection (one item per code).

-Checkout your cart.

-Enter promo code at checkout screen.

-You will get 100% discount if you have a valid code

-Add your shipping data: name, address, phone, email. This data will not be shared with any third party and is mainly needed for shipping. We will use it to send you news and promotions from time to time if you choose to.

-Submit order and we will ship the selected item to you (no payment required).

-Please note that each valid promo code in entitled to one gift item. If you select more than one item only the first item will be shipped.

-Shipping/ Delivery time can range from 7 days to 60 days based on item availability.

-If item is out of stock for any reason the closest item will be shipped.

-Each promo code can be redeemed only once.

-Tempering with codes or trying to use invalid codes is illegal.

-All promo codes are valid until December 31st, 2017

-This is not a contest. Anyone who has a valid promo code can claim one gift.

-Tasty Habits is not responsible for technical / internet access issue. Calimig a gift is available through website.



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