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How to Design the Perfect Custom Cake for Your Wedding

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So you’re getting married, celebrating your union, bringing family and friends together for a special day of wining and dining and generally having fun. You’ve carefully tallied your guests, planned the food, and picked a rocking band. Only problem? You’re not sure what to do about the cake. Well, the cake is a big deal. Unlike food, where everyone eats at their own pace, cake cutting has everyone’s attention. You want it to not only look beautiful when it’s on display and once it’s on people’s plates, you want it to taste great too. That’s why we’ve provided a step-by-step mini guide to designing the perfect custom cake for your event. Let’s get started.


  1. Choosing a Theme for Your Wedding

Of course, before you can choose a cake that matches your theme, you’ve got to choose the theme itself. If you’re having a wedding on the beach or at a mountain cabin, for instance, the theme practically chooses itself: beachy or rustic, respectively. If your event is held indoors or at a hall, on the other hand, you might have a little more leeway when it comes to scheme. Even so, you’ve still got to pick colors and décor. Once you do, match your invitations and flowers, bridesmaid dresses, tablescapes and menu cards to reflect this theme. Now that all that is nailed down, you have everything you need to design the perfect cake.


  1. Selecting Cake Colors and Flavors

There are multiple things to keep in mind when selecting your cake colors and flavors. The design part is easier, since you already know what your colors and theme are. But the flavor and feel of your cake should match your wedding as well. At the beach, for instance, you might consider something light, like lemon poppy seed … flavors that complement the sea breeze and sand.

On the other hand, at a woodsy mountain lodge, you could opt for something a lot denser and more old-timey, like chocolate with chocolate buttercream. Your filling can also do a lot to change the nature of your cake. For instance, a raspberry filling in a chocolate cake is perfect for a late-night event, where rich food is the norm. On the other hand, if you’re having a luncheon, whipped cream makes a light and wonderful filling for cakes of all kinds.

Also be sure to size your cake to the number of guests. You'll want at least a 2-inch x 1-inch slice of cake for each guest. A 6-inch cake, for instance, will serve 8, while a 12-inch cake serves 56 and an 18-inch one serves 160. Talk to your cake supplier to make sure you get the size right before ordering.


  1. Choosing the Right Cake Decorations

Okay, back to the fun part! Decorations give your cake life before people even bite into it, so you want to make sure that they’re gorgeous without being overwhelming. Here are a few ideas for custom cake decorations you could choose:


Flowers that match your floral arrangements

Sheaves of what or fall leaves for an autumn wedding

Sailboats, lifesavers and nets for a beach wedding or wedding shower

Silver or gold for winter weddings and showers

Animals or Disney characters for diehard movie or book fans

Swirls and other modern or geometric designs for a simpler wedding cake

Sports motifs for a groom’s cake

“Candyland” for a holiday wedding cake

Family crest for those who take pride in lineage

These are just a few of the many fabulous motifs you might use to decorate your specially designed cake. Because it’s custom, the sky is really the limit. All you have to do is talk to your cake supplier.


  1. Getting Cake Add-Ons (Groom's Cake, Chocolates)

Many people like to surround their cake, which is the main player, with a few supporting actors. You might choose a groom’s cake, which is traditionally smaller and a different flavor. For instance, if you’ve chosen a light and airy cake for the main show, but want a smaller caked for the true chocolate lovers, you might opt for a groom’s cake. Although the two cakes should be themed, with similarly colored icing and decorations, they should each have their own aesthetic.


Candy bars are also popular, and by that we mean arrangements of candy, not actual bars of candy (this isn’t Halloween!). If that’s your jam, consider dipped marshmallows, Rocky Road squares, or chocolate dipped twizzlers, all beautiful additions to your candy selection. Again, the candy should help complement the rest of your decorations as well as your main cake, without detracting from it. Do this by sticking to a 2-3 color scheme. If you choose several different types of candy, keep your cake fairly simple in contrast, since candy tends to be colorful and eye-popping on its own.


Other potential extras include chocolates, cookies and mini-loafs, which are especially popular if you’re hosting a tea-style wedding.


  1. How to Stage Your Cake

Now that you’ve chosen the colors, flavors, designs and other elements of your cake, it’s time to stage it so everyone can ooh and ahh over the final effect. There are many different ways you can showcase your cake, but one of the best approaches is to dedicate a table purely to desserts, somewhere people can see and appreciate it during cocktail hour, toasts and dinner (or during brunch, say, if this is a daytime wedding). Your table should be big enough to hold the cake and all the extras, but not so big that the cake gets lost or drowned in the expanse. Match the tablecloth and runner or other decorations to the cake, which should itself be matched the main theme, there were no Copyscape matches found.

Ideally, Place your cake plates, napkins and forks on the same table, which provides not only an adorable touch, but makes serving up quite easy. For a last fun detail, you might scatter a few Polaroids on the table around the cake, showcasing a few of the couple's special moments.


Bottom Line?

The bottom line is that making a great cake is easy if you have the help of custom designers who are both experienced and knowledgeable. Get in touch with Tasty Habits in Sherwood Park to learn more about your custom cake options today.


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