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6 Ways to Make Your Child's Birthday Party Spectacular

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Every day of your child’s life is a celebration. Birthdays, however, are the most memorable day of the year. For your child’s next birthday make it a day they will remember by hosting a party that is out of this world. If you aren’t sure where to begin use these

six ideas to give your party planning skills a boost. By staying on track with your party preparations you will be able to throw an amazing event without being overly stressed out with last minute arrangements.


Choosing the Perfect Location


You have dozens of options for where to have your child’s birthday party. Narrow down your ideas according to your budget, time line, theme and the season. Here are some ideas to get you started:


Host the party at your house, for the cheapest cost of all, for free. Keep the party inside if the weather is frosty, or have a water splash zone outdoors for summer parties.

Make reservations at your child’s favorite restaurant. Costs can be decreased by asking guests to pay for their own meal, while you provide the cake and desserts from Tasty Habits. For a child’s first birthday party, this is an ideal venue.

Go to a local park and throw a picnic, saving you money on the venue. You’ll need to provide food and refreshments, but decorations are minimal cost thanks to the nature of the space.


Purchase a birthday party package at a sports venue, movie cinema, zoo or other entertainment setting. This is the most expensive option. However the package typically includes everything from the decorations to the food within the cost.


Pick a Theme


After you have found the venue that best fits your budget, time frame and number of guests in attendance, it’s time to choose your party theme. A theme helps you organize the rest of the event in terms of decorations, food and games. It also adds another layer of excitement to the party for guests who can prepare ahead of time for the party. For example, if you have a pirate themed party your guests may want to dress in their favorite pirate costumes. The best way to choose a party theme is to think about what your child likes or is interested in. Ask them to help you pick the theme; they’ll enjoy being a part of the process.


Serving Snacks to Guests


As your guests arrive remember to have appetizers and snacks. Tasty Habits stuffed pastries are available with either spinach, ground beef, chicken or a combination of the ingredients, and are well suited for your adult guests. As for the kids cheese rolls shaped into crescents are easy to carry as they meet and greet their young friends at the party. By providing a pre-party snack you create a satisfying atmosphere that gets everyone into party mode.


Remember the Cake


A birthday party without a cake is no birthday at all. Every child has their dreams of their birthday cake, which colors, flavors and designs they hope to get on their big day. Here at Tasty Habits we specialize in personalized birthday cakes. Check out some of our latest creations:

A figure eight race track cake.

Round cake covered in a bouquet of frosted flowers.

A teen girl’s dream of a fashion purse overflowing with makeup tools, all made out of edible cake.

A princess castle.

Candy lover’s creation with waterfalls of candy pieces covering a tiered cake.

A green reptile resembling a dragon, alligator or dinosaur.

A giant ice cream on a stick completely made from cake.

And many more: Checkout other cake designs here.


The possibilities are endless. Contact Tasty Habits today to speak with our cake decorating experts. We will help you coordinate the ideal flavor and design combination for your child’s birthday cake. Whether you want a design made out of cupcakes, or you prefer a tall, three-tiered cake for 50 guests or more, we are ready to work with you to make your child’s cake dreams a reality.


You’ll need more than cakes to feed your guests, so make sure to pick up a dozen or so of Tasty Habits cookies when you order your personalized birthday cake. We have oats and butterscotch, as well as chocolate chips and chocolate cookies available in half-dozen and dozen amounts.


Treat Yourself


Planning a party is quite the endeavor. Remember to take care of yourself during this time so you aren’t overstressed or frazzled on the day of the party. Treat yourself to some sweet treats from Tasty Habits. Our MonaMori Edible Chocolate Shoe is a high heeled fashion statement that will satisfy your sweet tooth. Another fan favorite is our bonbons, a bestselling chocolate truffle that offers you a bite sized morsel of deliciousness. After all, you are the one who is responsible for the birthday of your son or daughter, so celebrate that joyous moment with a little something for yourself.


Gift Bags to Go


Once the party is coming to an end, it’s time to send guests on their way. Prepare thank you bags so your guests don’t leave empty handed. In the bags add a few reminders of the party, such as themed party favors, mini toys or friendship bracelets. For an extra special keepsake, use a desktop photo printer to print out photos that you’ve taken of guests at the birthday party. You can also email or text photos to your guests after they’ve gone, if you don’t have access to a printer.


Remember to keep the sweet festivities going. Tuck a few of Tasty Habits’ candies in for a treat on the road. We offer the perfect treats for little hands including dipped marshmallows; chocolate dipped Twizzlers, chocolate pretzel rings and dipped pretzel rods. Keep the special occasion going long after the party has shut down with these tasty candies in tow. Let Tasty Habits of Sherwood Park help you make your child's birthday the most memorable day ever by customizing their birthday cake and treats among the MonaMori brand.


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